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Raw Raspberry Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache

It is very easy to create metaphors between love and food. Food is divine – an appetizing allegory for love – which is definitely and infinitely delectable. Both are visceral, encompassing and intellectually impossible to reduce down to the sum of their parts. It is all sensory – visual, tactile…gustatory.

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Yeah. My kids have gotten that look. From strangers. From friends. From relatives. Each time they are not allowed that second piece of party cake. Each time the m&m’s people hand out to them are substituted with Sunspire Dots…And that time, while in a long line at a Rite-Aid…

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I don’t think I need to write a long preamble to mac and cheese.

When I talk about plant-based food, typically it is not meat that people panic most about. Its CHEESE. Pizza, Parmesan, Mac and Cheese. The fromage triumvirate. “Oh, I could never give those up!” People declare, wide-eyed, head back and almost poised to shield themselves from a physical blow. Well, this is the hack that may just turn the staunchest skeptic.