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My friend Jennet, who loves food and loves to talk about food (makes you wonder why we’re friends) brought these cookies to a potluck once. My other friend, Jayda and I, immediately pounced on them, repeatedly, unable to marshall the strength to stop. We were an “Om Nom Nom” duet as our inner Cookie Monster was unleashed. “What’s in these things?!?” we asked, half-angry at Jennet for bringing our downfall to the buffet table. Victoriously, she said, “its only 4 ingredients and takes 8 minutes to bake.” 4 ingredients, 8 minutes? You don’t have to be a mathlete to know that’s the cookie equivalent of the golden ratio.

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This week was a tough one. Literally wall-to-wall meetings — and I say that without exaggeration. I lived on green smoothies that I boldly took to meetings in their mason jars. Naked for everyone to see. There was no hiding it. “Is that paint?” was a common query. But I survived. And I think I’ll actually make that a matter of course now. I have come out of the “healthy” closet anyway. Plus its cheap and functional. Which is what I need sometimes especially given food inflation rates…

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Uh oh. Tempeh. I know. I know. I promised I would be gentle. And here I go, not even a month along and I’m already posting about tempeh. Wait, wait. Before you throw your hands up in “I-knew-she-was-going-to-go-all-vegan-granola-on-me” disbelief and close this tab, give me a few seconds here. Let me explain.

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Its dangerous. I can eat this whole thing in one sitting.