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Will Etling "Sustain"

I love GOOD Magazine.  The illustration above is by Will Etling, one of Good’s regular contributors. I LOVE IT. I want a poster of it. Someone get it for me. It kind of encapsulates the magazine’s aesthetic and approach. I always say between Good and Grist, I am full. If I don’t have time here are my 4 go-to sites for food news: Good, Grist, Civil Eats and The New York Times. These are the pubs. There is, of course, Twitter which is another list altogether.

Here are some of the food and food policy news from last week:

An LA Times Editorial asks, “Should there be a fat tax? Offering incentives for lifestyle choices likely to cut medical costs is an idea worth considering.” One twitter response: “There’s a difference between a fat tax and taxing overweight poor people. Come on.”

This was all over Twitter, and for good reason! “Obviously a day of bad news: Chicago school bans homemade lunches” The thought behind it – health – seems good but there are so many issues with this: choice, rights, is cafeteria food really healthier, can everyone afford it?

As a companion, Marion Nestle compiles a resource on how to get involved with school food advocacy.

Laurie David on antiobiotics in food: “Are we feeding a health crisis and squandering a cure?” Here it is in a nutshell – “We are dishing out 80% of our antibiotics on the animals we eat.” That sentence ALONE should make you seek out your local, sustainable source of meat. REALLY.

RT @michaelpollan: More on Canada’s food politics: The People’s Food Policy Project. How many years ahead of US? > MANY years ahead. This is just plain amazing. If this starts here, I would fight to be a significant part of it.

The squabble over $38 billion in the budget was top of the news last week. And the ever intrepid Mark Bittman shows us how to save a trillion dollars by preventing disease. Go ahead read it. It makes absolute sense. I bet it would stand GAO scrutiny.

Always cook in big batches so you can freeze some? Don’t have a weekly co-op (ask me about mine!) Fun stuff: a social marketplace for homemade meals.

Jamie Oliver strikes again. In LA. I dust off my TV remote. Literally dust it off. Viva la Revolucion! I tried to join the Twitter #foodrevolution party but the feed was going so fast I needed a slow motion button to read it.

And finally, my favorite snarkilicious graphic this week: How to Choose Your Sweetener

How to Choose a Sweetener
[Source: Be Food Smart]


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