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Grown-Up Iced Tea

May 31, 2011

NO. This is not about those kinds served in Long Island and don’t say “Arizona” and “Iced Tea” in one sentence in my presence. Unless you are actually enduring heat in Arizona, drinking iced tea, and not the kind from a gas station grocery store in a green can with an ersatz dragon on it.

I am actually blog-cheating and reposting this recipe that I originally posted on FullWell. I just have to. The humidity today has turned my AC-less home office into a sauna. This is no exaggeration. Today was the day I weighed the cost-benefit of “less productive” vs. “save energy”. I sweat just moving my fingers to type. I sweated out the requisite 8 glasses of water I drank today. And consumed about 5 more glasses as I had dinner at Salt with two gorgeous women, Leah Helou and Kate Stoltzfus, that left me believing that blondes have a secret humidity force field and never look sweaty.

(I had, BTW, an amazing drink called a Shrub. Kind of like a milder kombucha, as Kate observed. Begs to be replicated. Stay tuned.)

But for now, I post about and long for iced tea. Cold Flavorful Herbal Iced Teas. No, no. KICK-ASS Cold Flavorful Herbal Iced Teas. As in Spiced Kukicha Twig Tea and Green Tea, Apple Cider, Kuzu, Ginger Tea. Is what I’m sayin’.

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Brazen Bites 5.23: Getting harder to be elitist, letting clowns feed our kids, local rationale

May 24, 2011

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Don’t believe the hype. It IS easy being green. Start by eating local once a week and reduce plastic packaging, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption….and that poor carrot had to travel over 1800 miles to get to your plate! Instead, go to your farmer’s market (east coast, there’s no excuse this time of year), spend a fraction of what you’ll spend at the chain, and in the process think about who you can nominate for the Golden Carrot award to help reduce the chances that 1 in 2 of us will be obese by 2030.

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Quinoa Kasha Pilaf with Tamari Maple Tempeh

May 22, 2011
Quinoa Kasha Pilaf with Tamari Maple Tempeh

Trust me on tempeh. I know tempeh is one of those great dividers -- that qualifier in your head that puts people left of the crunchy left. I must confess that this recipe was my rite of passage. I made tempeh once, years ago, to horrific results that took me all this time to...

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Clean and Soba

May 19, 2011

Went to the library this past weekend and took out three books: Everyday Harumi, The Japanese Kitchen and Momofuku. Everyday Harumi and Momofuku are making the transition to my Amazon shopping cart.

Momofuku?! Aren’t they (in)famous for their “we do not serve vegetarian items” credo? Yes, true. But the Noodle Bar does have some items and they serve the meanest ginger scallion noodles ever. Ever. If you have not made its acquaintance, do so the next time you visit NYC (and if you do live in NYC and have not made its acquaintance, shame on you.)

And truth be told, I’m just plain fascinated by David Chang. When someone writes “I wish my prom date wore a pungent dress” in his cookbook, I’m done. He had me at pungent dress. I want my date to want me to wear a pungent dress. If you don’t understand this, then we were not meant to be prom dates.

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Purple Pancakes (Blue Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes)

May 11, 2011

Sunday at our house is Pancake Day. And there is nothing better (or at least we think so!) than our house pancakes. This is one of the two I always make.

This recipe came about because (a) I have gluten sensitivity (b) I had a package of organic blue cornmeal and (c) I try to make each meal count – even if its primary purpose is unabashed decadence, like pancakes. But as with desserts, I don’t want to compromise either. It has to be absolutely good.

Below is the basic recipe and under that I note additions I make from time to time to mix it up. I always try to add some high-protein flour to the mix in a 2:1 ratio. I typically use Quinoa Flour or Almond Meal or a mix of both. Consuming protein and fat along with your carbohydrates helps the carbohydrates digest more efficiently (think of it as a time-release capsule that helps reduce the insulin spike – especially since you’re going to put that maple syrup!)

These pancakes are substantial, they are crispy on the edges, airy and dense in the middle.

2 cups organic blue cornmeal
1 cup quinoa flour or almond meal or a mix of both
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
½ t. salt
2 to 2 ½ cups So Delicious Coconut Milk, Unsweetened
1 to 1 ½ cups blueberries
2 tsp. vanilla extract

Optional Additions
¼ – ½ cup unsweetened applesauce (reduce coconut milk accordingly)
¼ cup ground flax seeds
¼ cup chia seeds
½ cup cooked quinoa (for more protein)
1 mashed banana

Mix dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and blueberries. You can adjust the consistency by adding more or less coconut milk. The more liquid, the thinner the pancakes, with crispy edges. The less milk, the more dense and cakey. I make them depending on my mood ☺

I top these with butter, maple syrup or apple sauce.


Brazen Bites 5.9: A Weekly Parfait of Food News

May 9, 2011

Last week was a bust. But it ended with a splash (of icing) at The Midwife Center‘s Let Them Eat Cake fundraiser. About 300 people lined up to admire and taste 40 delicious cakes. I have never seen so many adults on a sugar high. Made for a happy bunch!

My son gave me a card he made in school for Mother’s Day (see above). I love it. (notice the ellipsis, he notes my rampant use of it.)… …. …

In the news last week. Angel + Food does not always equal cake. Sometimes it equals The Next Great Company. The GAO audits the FDA. Flavored milk loses favor in LA schools and why low fat is not enough. Finally a 5 minute short with Jason Schwartzman.

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Lentil Chili with Chocolate

May 5, 2011

Its Cinco de Mayo. And this recipe has nothing to do with it. I say that because I fear the Mexican equivalent of the A.O.C. if I claim otherwise. While this is not in any way, shape, or form, claiming to be a version of Oaxacan mole, consider it a good first foray into the flavor possibilities that chocolate-as-savory presents.

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