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Ahhhh. Summer. Sun and 95 degrees. One of the things I look forward to during this season is crafting wonderful Herbal Iced Teas. You don’t need to spend $$ and waste all that packaging by buying pre-bottled iced teas. A lot of iced teas also come unnecessarily loaded with sugar that you definitely don’t need. Its very easy to make your own and its fun to experiment with different flavors!

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Trust me on tempeh. I know tempeh is one of those great dividers — that qualifier in your head that puts people left of the crunchy left. I must confess that this recipe was my rite of passage. I made tempeh once, years ago, to horrific results that took me all this time to get over. This breakfast redeemed it.

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What I really want to write about in this post is Everyday Harumi. Talk about a polar opposite. If Momofuku is in-you-face, Everyday Harumi made me feel calm just by leafing through it. Harumi is a celebrity chef in Japan and I can see why. The recipes are so simple, so accessible (save for some ingredients – natto anyone?) that you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Her recipes cannot be more appropriate for spring. The cookbook has a lot of vegetable-centric dishes that are light but full flavored. This is exactly the kind of food I crave this time of year.

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Sunday at our house is Pancake Day. And there is nothing better (or at least we think so!) than our house pancakes. I try to make each meal count – even if its primary purpose is unabashed decadence, like pancakes. But as with desserts, I don’t want to compromise either. It has to be absolutely good.

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Last week was a bust. But it ended with a splash (of icing) at The Midwife Center’s Let Them Eat Cake fundraiser. About 300 people lined up to admire and taste 40 delicious cakes. I have never seen so many adults on a sugar high. Made for a happy bunch!

My son gave me a card he made in school for Mother’s Day (see above). I love it. (notice the ellipsis, he notes my rampant use of it.)… …. …

In the news last week.

Venture Capital + Food first, since this is one of my life’s intersections…two of my favorite topics in one…

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Its Cinco de Mayo. And this recipe has nothing to do with it. I say that because I fear the Mexican equivalent of the A.O.C. if I claim otherwise. While this is not in any way, shape, or form, claiming to be a version of Oaxacan mole, consider it a good first foray into the flavor possibilities that chocolate-as-savory presents.