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Apologies if your search engine mistakenly led you here as you were looking to beat George Hamilton at his own game. But, don’t fret, it is a fortunate misdirection. Because now you can enjoy cookies without dealing with a hot oven. A feat you probably never thought possible. Until today.

That’s right. When its baking out there, it is hard to bring myself to bake in here. Cranking up an oven to 375 degrees in a room that’s already 85 degrees and an ambient outside temperature of 90 degrees, just does not sound appealing no matter what promise the other side of the oven door holds.

So here are two of my absolute favorite summer “cookies.” We’ve all eaten refrigerator cakes. These are freezer cookies. Absolutely no oven required. And I swear, I’ve made these two and popped them in the freezer in half an hour. 2 varieties, 40 cookies in 30 minutes? Yep, I’m there.

Chocolate Turtles

This recipe is very easy to remember – just use the magic ratio of 2:2:1 for the ingredients. Aside from being super yummy, this cookie is a good source of vitamin B and E, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, protein, healthy fat, and fiber. As if you need more reasons to eat them.

Makes about 20 pieces.

½ cup almond butter or peanut butter
½ cup cocoa powder
¼ cup agave nectar or honey
20 pecan halves

1. Put the almond butter, cocoa and agave in a bowl and slowly stir until a sticky, stiff dough forms.
2. Line the bottom of a container with parchment or waxed paper.
3. Pinch off pieces of the dough and roll into balls about an inch in diameter. Rinse and dry your hands periodically if they get too sticky. Set the balls on the parchment paper so they are not touching.
4. Gently press a pecan half into the top of each ball. Cover the container and chill in the refrigerator for at least four hours before consuming. OR place the container in the freezer – they will become firm but still chewy and fudgy. This will keep tightly sealed in the fridge for up to 3 weeks and in the freezer for up to 3 months (if they ever, ever last that long).

Vanilla Walnut Shortbread Cookies

This cookie reminds me of a tropical baklava. The honey, walnuts and coconut transport me to Greece by way of Hawaii. This treat is rich in omega-3s, B vitamins, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium potassium, phosphorus, manganese, natural sugars, protein and fiber. What other cookie can say that?

Makes about 20 pieces.

2 cups walnuts
1 cup unsweetened coconut, finely shredded, plus more for coating
¼ cup honey
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt

1. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until a granular, moist dough forms, about 60 seconds. It will not form a cohesive ball and will be very oily when handled.
2. Pinch off pieces and gently squeeze, knead and roll the pieces into balls about 1 inch in diameter. Press each ball between your palms to slightly flatten the cookies.
3. Dip each cookie in shredded coconut to coat.
4. Store in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator up to 3 weeks or in the freezer (what I prefer) for up to 3 months.

Both recipes adapted from Raw Energy: 124 Raw Food Recipes for Energy Bars, Smoothies, and Other Snacks to Supercharge Your Body

7 Responses to “Fake Bake”

  1. melissa d jenkins

    I made those Chocolate turtles cookies…these are absolutely D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! My only concerned is to find out how NOT to eat them all! Its easy, good food and absolutely quick to prepare. I have to try the Vanilla Walnut shortbread cookies!! :-)

  2. heather reilly hiemstra

    hi leah,
    i am winfrey’s friend and she speaks of you so often…so i found your site and have spent a blissful, mouth watering 15 minutes perusing recipes!
    i do hope our paths cross soon (am i correct in that the raw milk expedition next week has you involved?). regardless, i look forward to meeting you and will be a regular reader here.
    be so well,

    • Leah

      Hi Heather! It was so good to meet you last weekend! I can’t wait til the next time!



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