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Ooooh, game day is coming! But first, try this I.Q. Test = Gowns:Academy Awards as _____________:Superbowl. Hint: its the only time I await these interruptions. That’s right. Notwithstanding GoDaddy commercials, its the only time of year that I actually watch TV for the ads. And because the Stillerz are not playing this year, this is more true than ever. And Madonna! Mmmm hand me my popcorn!

So here is the Brazen version of the Superbowl menu – edgy riffs on classics such as chili, guac, mac and cheese and some hot haute apps. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill Superbowl munchies but still familiar enough to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Ready? Here we go:

A guacamole for the cilantro-obsessed
Seared Peppers – shisito, padrons or your favorite – goes well with some popcorn

Chili with Chocolate – yes you read that right. Spin it and win it.
Quinoa Skillet Cornbread – the perfect pair, no oven required.
Hack the Mac (and cheese) – you don’t need the cholesterol but you need all the flavor!

No-Bake Chocolate Pecan Turtles – make it now, enjoy later. (Just try to make it last til Sunday)

Oh and if you’ve never seen Posh Nosh before, you just have to.

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