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This post was prompted by a meeting with Jason Bittel as he was interviewing me about Awesome Pittsburgh for the Fitting Group’s Brand Spanking Newsletter.

It was smooth sailing until he asked me what my favorite sandwich was. Excuse me? And then I learned of his sandwich obsession and was made aware of my the lack of sandwich presence in my own food repertoire. I was stumped. I’m just not a sandwich girl. Asian roots out. Rice, check. Egg rolls in many iterations, check. Dumplings, check. Sandwich? That supposed concoction by some English Earl? Not so much.

Until now. I finally found my go-to sandwich. And it is NOT for the faint of heart. Its for the pregnant maybe. For the drunk, DEFINITELY. But seriously, I can eat this for breakfast any day.

This is actually an avocado sandwich with a bangarang. Let’s see it has sauerkraut, cheese, mayo, avocadoes and gochujang. Gochu-what?? Gochujang — that hot pepper paste that you see in Korean restaurants — spicy sweet and great option for breaking your Sriracha fatigue. Tubes of which I used to hoard everytime I board Asiana Airlines. It is available in Asian grocery stores and this blog has a good primer on it. However, if you really can’t get your hands on it — Sriracha will work.

The result? A sandwich that is salty, sour, spicy, sweet, creamy..and can be quite junky depending on what’s on your cupboard (potato chips, nori, yes!). It is absolutely satisfying. TRUST. ME. ON. THIS. Give it a try. Toasty crunchy on the outside, all good things on the inside. The food truck iteration is inevitable.

Its the sandwich you make after the weekend bender bar hop, where you do nothing but pile things on top of each other and put it on your stovetop grilled cheese style. Then dive in with abandon, licking the drippy spicy sweet sauce that threatens to escape on the edges before you finally, blissfully, go off into dreamland.

The Drunken Sandwich

* I realize that dishes prefaced with “drunken” refer to the dish as drunk. In this case, I am referring to you, the eater.

Serves 1

2 slices of bread or 1 lavash, tortilla etc.

(quantities below depend on the size of your slice or your lavash)
About 1 tsp Mayo (I use Earth Balance Olive Oil Mindful Mayo)
About 1-2 tsp shredded cheese (I use Daiya Shreds)
About 1 tsp Gochujang or Sriracha
About 1-2 heaping tablespoons of sauerkraut (I love Bubbies)
1/2 avocado, sliced

potato chips
Nori sheet

Some loose directions: (because who can keep track of strict ones when you’re drunk or pregnant and wanting a sauerkraut sandwich?)

1. Spread mayo on one side of slice of bread or 1/2 of a lavash/tortilla. Sprinkle with 1 tsp. cheese, top with sauerkraut, top with avocado slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper, top with remaining cheese.
2. Optional, some potato chips or one of those seasoned nori sheets for crunch.
3. On other bread or other side of the lavash, slather gochujang to taste.
4. Place on top of the gorgeous pile you’ve made or fold over if using lavash.
5. Place on a hot griddle until brown and cheese melts, then turn over. Press down on the sandwich with a spatula to make it a melty good mess.
6. Eat.
7. Amen.

8 Responses to “The Drunken Sandwich {Avocado Sandwich with a Bangarang}”

      • Kelly Chiodi

        Well, the avacados weren’t ripe enough on Saturday like we planned, which we realized only, of course, after we had everything else ready to go. LOL. So we improvised with onion and mushroom and the sandwiches were much enjoyed… But, I couldn’t stop thinking about how they were meant to be. Tonight we checked the avocados again and they were ready, so we scrapped our other plans and made them. So glad we did. The onion and mushroom were good, but boy what a difference the avocado made. It was just the perfect complement to the sauerkraut to counter its bite. We’ll definitely be having these tasty sandwiches again. Thanks again. So glad to have met the gichujang sauce also. :-).

  1. Kale Crusaders

    This is absolutely amazing. If only more cafes and restaurants offered vegan sandwich options like this. Hummus and grilled veggie sandwich, hold the feta–becomes pretty boring.

    • Leah

      I so agree! Although I do love hummus and grilled veggies, I can only have so much of it! :)


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