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Pardon my quiet last week as I recupped from a couple of weeks of…too much fun. :) Not complaining! I packed a trip to NYC, taped a podcast with Chef Tom Totin at the Waffle Shop, a few days of filming a Pittsburgh episode of a travel series (I’m sworn to secrecy!) and an evening of foodie fun with my Food Co-Op.

For my trip to NYC, I finally got a needed periodic dose of Momofuku and Asian food. Along with Latino cuisine, authentic Asian food is one of things Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene needs! I didn’t have time to head over to Brooklyn or Queens so I didn’t get a chance to get my fix of the former. The photos below are some of my Momofuku and Babycakes bounty, Chinatown produce and Westchester county beach.

Babycakes NYC Bounty - YUMMM

See more photos HERE. (Be prepared to get hungry.)

When I got back, I had a wonderful with Chef Tom Totin at the Waffle Shop to tape his podcast, CookSpeak. The podcast can be found HERE.

After the Memorial Day break, it was time to film a travel show that has, to date, gotten 140 million views online. I can’t tell you what it is yet but I had so much fun working with the 17-person crew and having Kellee Maize, Jason Sauer and Neal Holmes as co-“guides.” Each of us took our pick of Pittsburgh hidden (and a few not-so-hidden) gems to showcase to the world. A few of them are in the photos below. See how many you can identify! The episode will air this summer and I will DEFINITELY let you know when its out!

See more photos HERE

And finally to cap it off, a potluck dinner with my food exchange group! So yummy to have a potluck with people who love good food!

See more photos HERE. (Be prepared to get even hungrier)

I’m full! AND this week watch out for a contest with giveaways from Nasoya Tofu and the new cookbook “Spork Fed“!

AAAAND even more this summer — a Brazen Kitchen article on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a demo at Slow Food Pittsburgh’s Farmers at the Firehouse in the Strip District, a demo with Farm to Table Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Public Market and the first series of Brazen Films. LOTS of exciting things.

SCHOOL’S OUT! Let the summer fun BEGIN!

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