The Last Plate of Summer 2013: Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Quinoa, Greens and Pesto

September 26, 2013

Last Plate of Summer 2013b


Originally published on Pittsburgh Magazine

“Clearly, the sun loosened morals and melted minds. Then the Germans got naked and changed everything.”

No. Not nudist biergarten. Close. An article in The Atlantic about the healing power of the beach. Doctors used to prescribe “sun, sand and surf” to cure ills. And rightly so. Who doesn’t feel better after a trip to the beach? There is something about the salty air, the hot sun and cool water. And there is something about seeing the great ocean* and its majestic waves that automatically gives me a readjustment of context. No doubt about it, the beach is healing.

Doctors should prescribe it again. Now that they are prescribing fruits and vegetables why not a script for the sea? Imagine that. Instead of knee-jerk antibiotic and antidepressant prescriptions we get beach and broccoli. Instead of pharmacies we’d go to farmers’ markets and travel agents.

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How to Fancify Your Everyday Pasta

September 10, 2013

Beat that weekday dinner rush with some amped up pantry staples!



Originally published on Pittsburgh Magazine

We all have our personal “high–risk” stores. These are the stores that you go to where you go in with an efficient little list and leave with double the items on that list. Or worse, you go in without a list and leave with a cartful of items that you didn’t intend to buy and forget the one thing you did mean to buy.

Ugh. Worse still? You do this at Costco. Where you go in promising yourself to buy only these three things and come out with a year’s worth of broth, frozen vegetables to feed 2,000 people, all of whatever they were sampling out (YES I’ll have three Teriyaki skewers), the latest exercise DVD and lawn furniture.

I exaggerate. A little. 
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Raise the {Taco} Bar!

August 28, 2013

photo 3 

Originally published on Pittsburgh Magazine

En fuego! Is what everyone will think you’re in because you will be the hottest ticket on this last weekend of summer.


Because you will be making the baddest a$$ taco bar for miles around.

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How to Take the Headache Out of Packing School Lunches (and Weekday Breakfasts)

August 27, 2013


Here it is. My OC, AR solution to taking the headache out of packing school lunches and deciding what is for breakfast during weekdays.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pudding Parfait

August 26, 2013

Dessert for breakfast was never this good (for you). And fancy parfaits make it look like its all complicated. Ssssh. It’s not. Which makes it perfect for Back-to-School Breakfasts!

Chia Pudding Parfait

Originally published on Pittsburgh Magazine

Quelle horreur! Am I really asking you to eat seeds that we know germinate into inanimate pets? Us Gen-X’ers have all seen this infomercial enough to ensure that it is forever seared in our brains.

Marty McFly it to 2012 and ch-ch-ch-chia, my friends, have made the leap from “strange things we have coveted” to the newest, most of-the-moment athletic super side kick. Losing steam? Stick on some kinesio tape and take a chia shot to faster, higher, stronger! This super food is in every ultra-athlete’s arsenal.

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