5 Reasons You Need a Food Processor

Do You Need a Food Processor?
5 Reasons You Need a Food Processor

5 Reasons You Need a Food Processor

Sometimes we feel like we need a helping hand in the kitchen, then we consider our choices. But, the best option is always to get a food processor to help you out when preparing food. 

If you’re having a rough time getting your dressings ready, mincing your meat, grating cheese, and preparing tomato sauce, then this capable device is basically your savior.

But how can you tell if you need one? First, you have to know what a food processor is and what it’s used for. Also, I’ll save you the time of thinking about it as I’ve listed down the top reasons to get one.

Do You Need a Food Processor?

A food processor is a kitchen gadget that helps in most meal preparations. It’s used to purée fruits and vegetables, grate cheese, grind meat, beat cake batter, knead bread dough, chop vegetables, and more.

food processors are all-in-one devices; they have multiple functions and many features. I’m not surprised that they’re a better choice than blenders because they excel in versatility and reliability.

Cooking in the kitchen has never been simpler and faster since this appliance facilitates all the preparations you need for your favorite meal. 

Personally, I’m not confident in my knife skills, and I have trouble dealing with sharp tools. So, this appliance saves me the trouble and effort of dealing with the situation altogether. Not to mention, a food processor is much faster than my hand.

Reasons to Get a Food Processor

Many unfortunate scenarios may push you toward getting one. For instance, I get lost in the world of kitchenware, and I didn’t particularly appreciate seeing images of my favorite meals without giving the recipes a try. What’s your reason? Let’s find out.

The Lack of Culinary Skills

If you’re having problems with using a knife or a shredder, then you can throw away all of your sharp tools because a food processor takes care of all chopping and shredding tasks that you have to do.

You won’t have to worry about wounding your finger or getting hurt. As I said, I’ve personally resorted to a food processor because of this.


Food processors are much faster than manually preparing ingredients. You can finish chopping or slicing all the ingredients you need in a matter of seconds. 

So, instead of having a hard time adjusting your knife to cut your vegetables and ending up with a wounded finger, you can get yourself a food processor that’ll slice and dice your ingredients quickly.


When you get yourself a food processor, blenders and mixers are going to be out of business. The add-ons you attach to a food processor can perform the same functions as a blender, a mixer, or even a hand chopper. 

And let’s not forget space-saving! This ingenious invention has saved me a lot of space since I don’t need to flood my house with kitchen equipment from now on.

Easy Clean-Up

food processor attachments

Tired of sweeping up the chaos you make every time you cook? You won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

When using a food processor, you won’t need to clean up a big mess since everything is done inside the processor’s bowl.

Better Than a Blender

Blenders are limited when it comes to functions. Think of it like that: a blender is only a subset of the much purposeful food processor.

They do what a blender can, but not vice versa. Blenders can’t mince onions, make bread dough, or grind nuts. 

On the other hand, they easily pull it off regarding all of the above, and they can also do the basic functions of a blender, like making smoothies or purée ingredients. 

On that note, one of my favorite uses for my food processor is ice crushing! I always use it for my cocktails with the help of the blender attachment; it works just as efficiently, if not better. 

Which Type is Right for You?

Now that you’ve decided to get this helpful appliance, what kind of food processor is right for you?

Food processors come in two types: full-sized and mini. Opting for either requires you first to address your needs in a given kitchen setting, and that’s what we’ll talk about next up.


food processor

Is Gordon Ramsay looking for a food processor? Then, the full-sized processor is the right option.

The full-sized food processor is the right utility for professional chefs as it has a huge capacity, which is required for preparing huge meals. It’s also equipped with a high power motor, facilitating the process of kneading dough or other challenging tasks.

Still, there’s an obstacle: it takes up too much space, but I bet you already have a lot of room to use since you don’t need to get a blender or a mixer.

On the bright side, this type has a lot of advantages as it’s backed up with a considerable capacity of 11-14 cups. So, you don’t have to give a second thought about not having enough space for your ingredients.


Mini food processors are an excellent choice for casual cooks. They don’t require a lot of space, and they can fit almost anywhere in your kitchen. They may have fewer features than the full-sized ones, yet they still have the essential features you’d expect from a food processor.

This handy little tool packs a capacity of 3.5-5 cups. So, preparing small meals should be effortless with this type. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a processor that can prepare family-sized meals since the full-sized type is more suited for that.


Having a food processor is a must for every cook! Once you witness the time-saving it offers and the minimal effort required from you, you’ll thank us.

Also, if you’re keen on keeping your hand in one piece, this handy appliance will save you the hassle of dealing with kitchenware. 

And lastly, from now on, you can forget about taking a long time to clean up as well since all you have to do is snap that processor open and pour these ingredients!