Best Blenders For Green Smoothies In The Market


Unlike any and every blender in the market, investing your money in a blender for green smoothies is a great investment for your health. The best blenders for green smoothies will be adept in crushing and chopping all types of veggies with ease. They will also be able to blend a large quality of ingredients at a go. Not to forget, they will be easy to store and clean as well.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the most vital features that a blender for green smoothies come with. You will get to know everything from its power, speed setting, capacity, quality of blades, and much more. By the end of this, you will be in a better position to choose the best blenders for green smoothies.


Is It Important To Buy A Special Blender For Making Green Smoothies?

You might be wondering why you require a blender that caters especially to your green smoothie needs. Why can’t a normal blender be used for the same? The answer to these questions is quite simple.

You need a specially designed, high-quality blender that is designed to undertake such a task. Green smoothies make use of different leaves, nuts, veggies, tough roots, etc. that require a high-powered blender.

Normal blenders might not have the motor power and robust blades that are needed to blend veggies into a smooth mix. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in a blender that can cater to your green smoothie with efficiency and ease.


What To Look For In Blenders For Green Smoothies?


Green Smoothies


When you are shopping for blenders for green smoothies, you need to take into account a lot of factors. These have been given below for your convenience.


Robust motor

When buying a blender for green smoothies, you want to make sure that it has enough power to crush those fruits and veggies to a pulp. The best blender for green smoothies will come with a hefty motor that can easily crush different ingredients of your smoothie all at once.


Multiple speeds

Before buying a blender, you should note the fact that it comes with various speed settings. Ideally, a good blender for green smoothies must have at least 2-5 speed options. This comes handy in crushing up veggies and whole fruits for preparing green smoothies. You can choose from various settings depending on your needs.


Powerful blades

A low-quality blade will not be able to the task that it’s supposed to, you require a high-grade blade in a blender. Powerful blades can easily crush and chop through the toughest of the veggies with ease. Blenders with a sturdy blade will be able to last for long and pulp down many ingredients without any hiccups.


Large Container

Jar size plays one of the most important roles when choosing a blender for green smoothies. You should aim for a jar size that is enough to fit a number of ingredients inside it and blend them to perfection. This can depend on your requirement, but going for a decent sized container is always a good idea.


Easy to clean

You should always go for clean to blenders as those that aren’t can get ruined fast due to stuck ingredients. Since you’ll be blending up nuts and vegetables inside your blender, they can get stuck around and under the blades.

A blender with a self-cleaning option will be ideal. However, you can also choose a blender that makes the cleaning process a tad bit easier for you.


What Are The Advantages Of Blenders For Green Smoothies?

Blending green smoothies can be really useful for people in the modern age with dietary requirements but not a lot of time.

While juicing is an older alternative, blending green smoothies provides some very clear and decisive advantages over it and other nutritional habits. Blending green smoothies is something that can give you a lot of different benefits in the following ways.


  1. When you blend green smoothies, it helps you meet your FDA recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Since vegetables and fruits can fill up your stomach fast, it is often hard to eat through the recommended amount of fruits and veggies in a day. With smoothies, it is much easier to just gulp them down.


  1. If you remember your 5th-grade biology lessons, then you might remember about plant cells have cell walls, a tough outer layer which protects plant cells. Strong blenders break down cell walls much better than your teeth ever can, so you get more nutrition from each portion. This makes it easier on your stomach to digest all the nutrients. The high amount of fiber also improves your overall stomach health.


  1. If you’re working on losing some weight or just trying to be healthier, blended smoothies are a great tool for you. Since smoothies make you feel full, you’re less likely to munch on junk snacks. You can also add nuts and seeds to make your smoothies rich in protein and fats to get a huge dollop of nutrients every time, and you can even take it as a meal replacement. Green smoothies also prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels because of the combination of fruits and vegetables and its high fiber content.



  1. Finally, it’s a matter of convenience. Blending smoothies is extremely easy. You can just chuck in a few different ingredients, and the blender will take care of the rest. There isn’t even a lot of clean up that you have to do. Just a single blender jar that you can clean easily. Compare this to let’s say juicing, then you can see just how much time and effort you save by using a high-powered blender for making green smoothies.


Product Reviews

Given below are our reviews for the 5 best blenders for green smoothies. Have a look:


1.     Ninja Professional Blender For Superfood Smoothies



  • Easy Pour Spout
  • Affordable pricing
  • Large 72-ounce jar
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with Recipe Book and Smoothie Cleanse Book


  • Only 3-speed settings
  • Only four preset cycles
  • Uses sharper blades that can dull quickly


The Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful blender with a large jar. This is relatively inexpensive blenders compared to many other blenders out there, which can be prohibitively expensive.

Many of the Ninja’s features are centered on its jar. The jar is bigger than most of the other blenders around with a whopping 72-ounce capacity. With such a large jar, it could get unwieldy to pour your smoothies out from it; that’s probably why the jar lid comes with an easy pouring spout that can be opened on the lid. It also has a nonslip handle attached to the side of the jar. The jar is also dishwasher safe.

The Ninja also comes with two awesome books. First is a 100 recipes long recipe book, and the second is a 10-day Smoothie Cleanse book. Both of these books will provide you countless inspiration for your green smoothies.

Where the Ninja lacks is the number of speed settings and pre-programmed cycles it has. This blender only has 3-speed settings. So, there is not a lot of control over the speed of the blending. It also only has four pre-programmed blending cycles while most other blenders at least have 6.

One more issue that you might face if you’re going to be using the Ninja extensively is that its blades start getting dull very quickly. This is because unlike other blenders that rely on power, the Ninja relies on the sharpness of its blades to blend smoothly. These blades quickly lose their edge, especially if you’re going to be blending something like ice in large quantities.


2.     Balzano Commercial Grade Blender






  • Budget-friendly
  • Six pre-programmed settings
  • 8-speed settings
  • LCD display
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quiet


  • Blades can be harder to clean
  • Made in China
  • Low grinding capacity


The Balzano is a budget-friendly blender that might be a good choice for you if you’re just starting to get into blending green smoothies.

With its six pre-programmed settings, you can easily just chuck the ingredients to your smoothie in the blender and let it take care of the rest.

You don’t even need to hold the lid as it will seal tightly onto the jar, giving you the freedom to do other chores while the blender whips up a delicious smoothie for you. It is a relatively quiet blender as well, as rubber-mounted components insulate a lot of the noise.

The motor is also thermally protected, so it doesn’t overheat easily.

The jar is a 2L BPA-free Tritan jar. The jar is completely dishwasher safe. It also comes with a tamper. The maximum quantity to grind or crush is around 500 ml, so you’ll have to watch out for the amount of ice you’re adding for large batches of smoothies.

Some of the blades are also hard to clean because of their placement and since they’re not removable.

The product is also manufactured and packaged in China, even though the company is registered in Italy.


3.     Blendtec Total Blender






  • Digital Touchpad
  • Auto shutoff
  • 6 pre-programmed cycles
  • Low profile jar with vented gripper lids
  • 10 speeds and pulse function



  • No tamper
  • Very loud


If you ever found yourself at the receiving end of strange Youtube recommendations, then you might have heard of the infamous “Will it Blend” series, where the CEO of Blendtec would use his Blendtec Total Blender to blend a variety of strange objects like Apple iPads, Amazon Alexa’s and more.

This blender is the same like the one in the videos, and those videos are a testament to its durability and power.

Coming with 10 different speed settings and a pulse function, you choose how chunky or smooth you want your green smoothies to be. You can also use one of the 6 pre-programmed functions in the blender to make your green smoothies without a hassle.

Blendtec’s blunt-edged, single blades also don’t wear down easily and last for a very long time. The blunt-edged blades still make easy work of anything you can throw in with the help of the powerful motors. So, don’t worry about adding ice and frozen fruit to your green smoothies.

In case the blender is unable to blend something due to wrong settings, it automatically shuts down instead of trying to fruitlessly work and damaging itself.

However, you might want to look for a separate spatula or tamper since the Blendtec Total Blender doesn’t come with a tamper.

You also can feel free to throw out your morning alarms if you’re going to be making green smoothies for your family in the morning. This blender will easily wake them up with its extreme noise.


4.     Vitamix Professional Grade Blender





  • Variable Speed control with a pulse button control.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Extremely powerful motor


  • Temperature can reach steaming hot inside the container from friction heat
  • Will burn a hole in your wallet
  • Not available widely


Vitamax is the most reputed brand of blenders in the market. The Professional Grade Blender comes with a 64-ounce (1.8L) container with specially designed contours to prevent splashing. Its variable speed control and pulse function allows you to control how you wish to blend your smoothies.

When you’re dealing with particularly thick or fibrous smoothies, you can use the tamper that comes specially designed to push the fluids in without needing to stop the blender and scraping the sides down.

Once you’re done with your smoothie, just add in some warm water and a drop of dish soap. Why? This is because you can then run the blender at its highest speed and watch it clean itself within a minute. No other disassembly or intervention is required.

This blender comes with an extremely robust and hardy motor, which along with its blades. These are made out of aircraft-grade stainless steel, makes blending anything you have look easy. Add in whatever vegetables and fruits you like, it will be blended to perfection by the Vitamax Professional Grade Blender.

Though with so much power, there is the issue of heat. The heating can be a good thing and a bad. Sometimes you don’t want to introduce a lot of heat to whatever you’re blending so you’ll have to use extra ice. However, if you don’t run the blender for too long in one go then it shouldn’t heat up too much. The heat itself will not damage the blender in any way.

This blender, being of professional-grade quality, is also priced like so. It can easily burn a hole in your wallet. So, if you’re only looking to start with blending green smoothies and aren’t sure if you’ll stick with the habit then perhaps another blender should be your first choice.


5.     Hestia Nutri-Blend Professional blender





  • Low-sound
  • 100% copper made motors
  • Water-proof touch panel
  • 5 pre-programmed features



  • Cannot grind every ingredient smoothly
  • Expensive


Last on our list is the Hestia Nutri-Blender. This blender comes with a power Brushless-dc motor that gives two times more torque than a 1500W blender. You can use this blender without making a loud churning noise.

You will be impressed with this blender’s smooth and professional performance. It can be used for a variety of smoothies, nut-milks, batters, etc.

You don’t have to worry about buying a new blender after this one, as it has a pure copper motor that gives prolonged usage. It is an apt blender for commercial as well as personal use.

This blender comes with 5 pre-programmed settings that can give you the flexibility to work. It also comes with a waterproof panel that won’t be ruined by any accidental spillage. It also comes with a unique 8 blade that is made with Japanese High Carbon stainless steel.

You can churn up a large quantity of smoothies in its 2-liter jar. It is made with pure Tritan Co-polyester material, which is safe and long-lasting.



In the end, we do have to say that the BlendTec Total Blender is the best choice when it comes to being the best blender for green smoothies out in the market. It has sufficient power and durability to blend tough ingredients day in and out, and it doesn’t have heating issues as the Vitamax does.

It is a bit loud, and the lack of the tamper is a bit of a bummer, but it is still clearly better than the rest of the pack when it comes to blending green smoothies.

It has a lot of speed settings and pre-programmed cycles, unlike the Ninja, so that you can have complete control. It is powerful as well, powerful enough that you can easily blend ice and other tough ingredients. Its blades are made out of the finest materials and blunt-edged so that they don’t dull easily.

All in all, the BlendTec Total Blender is the best blender for green smoothies. So, we hope that our guide and review help you on your path of becoming a green smoothie maniac. Happy smoothing!