Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro: Multi-Purpose Appliance Vs. High-End Blender


Bullet blenders have become all the rage with fitness enthusiasts looking for convenient ways to eat healthily. They are easy and quick to use for a variety of domestic purposes, like blending baby food or making smoothies. Not to mention, their compact design streamlines their functioning while still making them highly affordable.

This popular household device has gained fame thanks to its ‘bullet’ frame. These blenders stand out from other bulkier juicers on the market. In comparison to traditional blenders, bullet blenders are sleek, fast, and powerful. Moreover, they don’t cost more than your standard blenders either, making them a great buy.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Two Of The Best Bullet Blenders

Homeland Housewares came out with one of the first bullet blenders known as Magic Bullet. It became the face of bullet blenders and continues to be a popular choice today. However, with newer brands in the market, other products are challenging Magic Bullet’s claim to fame.

One such growing brand is Ninja, with its diverse array of blending products. A suitable blender of theirs is Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal blender is a product that can be taken as representative of Ninja’s quality and design. As a balanced pick, it is comparable to Magic Bullet. However, you can also check other Ninja blenders for your diverse needs.

The original Magic Bullet and the newer Ninja models differ in several ways. To know which blender is the best fit for your blending preferences, we have done an in-depth comparison. If you are looking for top-notch blenders, both are good products. However, knowing the features of each blender and can help you gain some perspective.


Magic Bullet Blender


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro


Magic Bullet blender is the original of its kind. It is still a popular pick and does all your blending with efficiency.

It is also more affordable than most other blenders on the market. Additionally, the operations are simple, irrespective of your blending preferences.

Magic Bullet is easy to place in your kitchen since it doesn’t take up too much space. The compact build makes it convenient for regular usage. The added benefit is the power it delivers despite its smaller size. Thus you can easily use it for all kinds of blending without the hassle of a larger blender.

This product comes with a 250-watt motor that works smoothly in every setting. The motor helps the blade system to pulverize any substance in a matter of seconds. The blade system is effective thanks to the special cross blade design. As a result, you can blend all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and even harder foods like nuts. The total capacity of the blender is 18 ounces, and it comes with one speed for steady pulsing.

Additionally, Magic Bullet is a great pick for those looking to save. The basic set comes with 3 blending jars. These jars are multi-purpose and can be repurposed as travel cups. Not to mention, they are durable enough to last a while. These cups are also leak-proof thanks to their effective and unique sealing system. This also helps maintain the freshness of your blends.

Other Magic Bullet accessories can be bought separately in addition to the basic set. All accessories are BPA free to ensure the safety of consumers.

You can use Magic Bullet for juicing fruits, whipping batters and cream, grinding harder foods, or even regular mixing. Thanks to its versatile functions, Magic Bullet is still a reputed household name.



  • Good for regular smoothies
  • Great pureeing
  • Good for grinding and dry foods
  • Sharp blades
  • Cheapest on the market



  • Weaker motor
  • Lower quality containers
  • Only 18-ounce capacity
  • Less durable


Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender


Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender


Ninja, as a brand, has proven itself as a new player in the market. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal blender is a great bullet blender that showcases their worth.

Ninja Nutri Pro comes with a 900-watt motor for extremely powerful blending. Compared to standard blenders and other bullet blenders, it is relatively stronger. The size is nonetheless compact, given the kind of power it delivers. So you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen without worrying about how much space it will take up.

Thanks to the special blade system, you can cut through the hardest foods, such as frozen fruits and veggies. The motor delivers enough push to the blades for the highest efficiency. There are a total of four blades arranged in a specialized pattern. Anything you put into the blender will definitely come out pulverized with no chunky bits remaining.

Some blenders cause an issue with uneven blending because the food on the edges doesn’t get pulsed. With Ninja Nutri Pro’s unique butterfly blade arrangement, this is no longer an issue. It creates a vacuum within the container to pull all the pieces towards its center. Thus there is no need for external tampering or adjustments.

Additional accessories with Nutri Ninja Pro include two BPA free blending containers and one main blending jar. These come with lids so that you can use them as traveling cups with ease. The cups are sized at 18 ounces and 24 ounces. This lets you blend both heavy smoothies as meal substitutes or smaller amounts for baby food or snack times.

As far as expenditure goes, Ninja Nutri Pro isn’t as cheap as some smaller and lightweight blenders. However, given its productivity, it is worth the price. For your regular domestic needs, it is a mid-range priced blender with high-quality operations.



  • Strong motor
  • Innovative blade system
  • High-quality containers
  • Good for intense pulsing
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Leak-proof


  • Louder operations
  • Heavier in comparison
  • Expensive


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender

Magic Buller and Ninja Nutri Pro are both exceptional bullet blenders that perform similar functions. However, to make your choice, you need to compare their applications, user-friendliness, features, and reviews.

Keep in mind your own requirements on a regular basis. What will you mainly use your blender for? How much are you willing to spend on your blender? How much ease of use are you looking for, and how frequently will you use your blender?


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Applications

You should know what your blender can actually do in the kitchen and how you can practically use it.


Smoothies And Blends

Smoothie making is one of the main applications of a blender. The things to look out for is what kind of fruits can your blender pulse, what prep is required, etc. Additionally, ice and frozen fruits or veggies may require specialized blending compatibility.

As far as smoothies go, Magic Bullet will make your smoothies in just a few seconds. The one downside is that you need to prep in advance with chopped fruits or veggies. The blade system of Magic Bullet won’t pulse all the chunks in your smoothie unless they are pre-cut.

In comparison, Ninja Nutri Pro will pulse your smoothies just as quickly, if not quicker. The one major benefit is that the blade system leaves no chunks behind. The internal vacuum system pulses all ingredients right away.

Sometimes you might want a cold smoothie with frozen fruits or a refreshing drink with crushed ice. Unfortunately, the Magic Bullet is not too suitable for this purpose. Ice cubes cannot be crushed in this blender due to the smaller size of the blending container. However, if you break ice cubes before blending, it can be managed. In the case of frozen fruits, thawing is required for proper blending.

On the other hand, Ninja Nutri Pro is well-made for crushing ice. The blades are made to quickly crush hard and solid materials. In the case of frozen fruit, your smoothies will be cool and flawless as well. You can also thaw your fruits for a smoother blend, although it isn’t necessary.


Chopping And Grinding

A blender is a great multi-purpose device to keep in the kitchen. With chopping and grinding functions covered, it essentially acts as a food processor. By ensuring these operations, you can save on money that would otherwise be spent on numerous chopping and grinding tools.

Magic Bullet can selectively chop certain food items. Harder ingredients are better suited for chopping, such as hard cheeses and nuts of all kinds. You will not be dissatisfied with the results in such cases if compared to food processor chopping. However, softer items are likely to get mushed instead of cleanly chopped.

As far as Magic Bullet’s grinding abilities go, you can expect the best results. If you need to grind material like coffee beans, this blender is a perfect pick. You can save on the cost of a coffee grinder with Magic Bullet in your kitchen.

Ninja Nutri Pro is an all-round great chopping machine. You can use it to chop softer vegetables and fruits as a quality food processor would. Additionally, harder foods are also effectively chopped with their innovative blade system.

However, as far as grinding goes, Ninja Nutri Pro is not the best choice despite its heavy power output. The internal vacuum feature is great for blends but unsuitable for dry grinding. Trying to grind nuts or coffee beans becomes difficult because the seal technology is best used with some liquids. If you need an all-purpose spice or coffee grinder, don’t expect this to be the right substitute.


Nut Blending

Grinding is a useful application, but nuts can require specialized forms of blending. If you want to make various nut butter and blends at home, your blender should be adequately equipped.

Magic Bullet is one of the best blenders for nut blending. It is designed to cut down harder foods and keep them relatively dry. This means that the nuts grind in their own oils and don’t require extra ingredients to be blended effectively. You can use this feature to make great homemade peanut butter, tahini, etc.

Ninja Nutri Pro delivers iffy results when it comes to nut blending. Unlike Magic Bullet, this blender has too much power to preserve the nuts in their own oils. It either quickly grinds nuts without releasing oils or gets jammed. The blade system as a whole is incompatible with nut blending tasks.


Blending Heated Food

Hot foods may need blending for making sauces, jams, soups, and other such varieties.

Magic Bullet is not compatible with hot food blending due to its container material. Since it is made of thinner plastic, it will give you basic durability, but no more. Heat exposure can lead to wear and tear leaks and other issues.

Ninja Nutri Pro is better equipped to blend hotter ingredients. It has a thicker plastic material that can deal with higher temperatures. However, regular hot blending will compromise the strength of the jar. Keep in mind that once blended, the hot food will no longer be as to warn as before.


Baby Foods And Purees

If your blender can puree well, it once again helps substitute a heavier food processor. Pureeing is especially useful for making baby foods.

Magic Bullet is an effective machine for pureeing softer foods. You can mash all sorts of veggies and fruits to create food that is safe for young children.

In comparison, Ninja Nutri Pro is not as effective for pureeing purposes. It doesn’t puree as quickly, and you need to wait for some time as it blends. This is not such a major disadvantage, although you are likely to lose out on some nutrients.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Motors

The motor will tell you how much power the machine delivers. Although more always sounds better, the power output should be based on your needs.

Magic Bullet has a trusty 250-watt motor, which is effective for most blending. It may seem low on power in comparison to new devices, but that isn’t the case. Although 250 is numerically lower, Magic Bullet optimizes its power output to blend most ingredients pretty well.

Nutri Ninja Pro has a much higher power output with a 900-watt motor at its disposal. To put it into perspective, that is the size of a full-size blender’s motor in the body of a bullet blender. Although it is useful for some kinds of blending, you will not require such high power for regular use.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Design

The design of your blender will tell you how you can place it in your kitchen. It will also tell you about the longevity and technical functions of the machine.

Magic Bullet first became known for its compact design, and this hasn’t changed since. It is easily portable as per your needs for those who move around a lot and keep a minimalistic kitchen. The lightweight build also ensures convenient use.

Nonetheless, Magic Bullet is still a sturdy pick. The blades are made of stainless steel for rust and corrosion-resistant. The come with a sharp edge for optimum grinding of smaller foods. Keep in mind that these blades will lose their sharpness over time with consistent use. Although it is fit for regular use, the plastic jar is likely to crack if you drop it.

Ninja Nutri Pro is a heavy-duty blender but still maintains a relatively light build. However, in comparison, it is larger than Magic Bullet. You will also find that it has more weight than some smaller compact blenders.

It comes with stainless steel blades as well to assure longevity. Unlike Magic Bullet, the blades are not sharpened but rather have a dull design. This dull blade technology focused on force and not shredding to do the blending. As a result, there is no issue of dulling over time. The weathering of these blades will not make them lose their functionality even with prolonged usage.

Additionally, Ninja Nutri Pro is much more durable than other compact blenders. It is built to remain intact and crack-free even if dropped. Not to mention, the jars don’t lose their thickness and quality with repeated usage and washing.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Blending Container Capacity

For safety purposes, your blender containers should be BPA free as well as durable. Both products are safe in this regard, although they come with size and fitting differences.

Magic Bullet is made safe materials, but the plastic is thinner than other blenders. The cup size for this blender is 18 ounces and can be used as a travel cup. Thus it is a good option for those who want to blend and drink on the go. While 18 ounces is a decent size, there are no other size options you can opt for. So your selection may be limited for bigger blending requirements.

Ninja Nutri Pro comes with two options of 18 and 24-ounce blending containers. The plastic used is much denser and reinforced. This promises greater durability, especially for those looking for a good investment. The cups can also be used as a to-go option and come with sealed lids. The two size options give you some variety to choose from.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Usage And Speed Settings

Magic Bullet has an easy-to-use control system, which only requires you to place the container into the body of the machine. All you have to do is push down on it with some pressure to trigger the motor. The blades will automatically be engaged as a result. The speed settings are controlled only by the pressure you apply.

Ninja Nutri Pro has a similar control system dependent on pressure application. You will have to place the container into the body and press down to engage blades. It requires no extra adjustments by hand, and the speed maintains itself as long as you push down. The pressure-sensitive of Ninja Nutri Pro is much greater than that of Magic Bullet.

Unlike some standard blenders, neither of these come with any preset programs. Although they are fairly easy to use, they only come with a pressure-based setting. However, most pre-installed settings are not required for daily blending usage.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Noise Levels

Blenders can make a lot of noise, as do most other juicers, mixers, and food processors. While this is an unavoidable reality, a quieter model is always preferable. For late-night blending purposes, or for those living in shared dorms, noise levels can be a factor to consider.

Magic Bullet is not only compact but also relatively quiet in comparison to other blenders. The noise levels remain consistent irrespective of the food materials you are blending. The noise output is mostly a result of the machine’s motion. The sharper blades help to reduce noise through quick chops.

On the other hand, Ninja Nutri Pro is much nosier in this regard. The main reasons for noise output are its dull blades and heavy motor. The 900-watt motor itself causes a great deal of whirring. Additionally, the dull blades do more pushing than chopping, causing greater noise through collision.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Safety

Generally, blenders are made to ensure basic safety while in use. However, for additional safety features, you may have to take a closer look at each model.

Magic Bullet does not come equipped with special safety settings of any kind. However, it does ensure safety against accidents. There is no chance of activation unless pressure is applied to the container after it is engaged with the base.

As far as special safety goes, Ninja Nutri Pro is also found to be lacking. However, it has a similar pressure activation system to protect against accidents. The other advantage it has is the sealing system for each container. These built-in seals are helpful against leaks. Not only does that prevent messes, but it also ensures against more dangerous short circuits due to liquid in the machine.

Keep in mind that a blender should not be used by children and kept safely stowed away in kitchens.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro General Functioning

In addition to all the features, you should know how usable your new blender will be. This includes assembly, operations, cleaning, and the such.

For starters, Magic Bullet has very simple operations and can be used even by those unfamiliar with blenders. You need to add your ingredients to the container, put the blade cap on, and fit it into the base. Assembly and disassembling are also standard for Magic Bullet. There is no additional installation required.

Cleaning is not a challenge with Magic Bullet. You can easily clean it by hand. The blades are sharp, and food material slides off without a fuss. Make sure to rinse or soak to make clean-ups smoother. The containers are similarly easy to clean if you don’t let them dry with food particles inside.

One of the issues reported with Magic Bullet is the fact that it often leaks at the base. This is more likely if it has been used for longer periods. The sealing at the base is weak and can cause issues if liquids leak into the machine.

On the other hand, Ninja Nutri Pro has equally simple operations. The procedure is the same, with the jar being fit into the base. The added advantage is that Ninja’s blade caps are much tighter once screwed on. It has better seal technology at the base, and there is no instability when you use it. In case you notice any leaking, you can be sure that this is a damaged unit and not an issue with the design.

When it comes to cleaning, you can easily hand wash or even dish wash. Since hand washing can be risky with clean blade ups, dishwasher-friendliness is a huge benefit. You can also dish wash jars without an issue. This will save you a lot of time every day.


Magic Bullet Vs. Ninja Nutri Pro Price And Warranty

The price is always a factor to condition, and you shouldn’t exceed your budget. Keep in mind which features you truly need, versus which features are only going to be a waste. Additionally, warranties will ensure that your blender is a good investment.

Magic Bullet is one of the most affordable blenders in the market at around $40 online. It provides all the basic blending features at almost half the price of heavy-duty blenders. With its 1-year warranty, you can also get a new model in case of any hiccups.

Ninja Nutri Pro is quite a bit more expensive in comparison to $80 online. However, since it comes with 2 separate containers and several top-of-the-line features, it’s worth the price. Along with its basic 1-year warranty, you can extend the warranty with an added payment.

Keep in mind that Ninja Nutri Pro costs more but also lasts longer. That makes it an overall good investment in the long run. If you’re looking for a blender, you can switch out for better models on a faster basis, Magic Bullet is a smarter choice.



If you consider Magic Bullet vs. Ninja Nutri Pro are both great blender options. Depending on your budget and requirements, you should make your purchase.

This means that Magic Bullet is a suitable option for multi-purpose uses, while Nutri Pro is more heavy-duty. Magic Bullet will act like a nut blender, grinder, regular smoothie blender, and in some cases, like a food processor.

On the other hand, Ninja Nutri Pro is a high-end model for intense blending. It has greater pressure sensitivity for just the right consistency. While Magic Bullet only has one kind of pulsing setting.

However, Ninja Nutri Pro should be purchased if you’re looking to spend more on a blending appliance. It can be used to replace a standard full-size blender given its power. Its durability is definitely a plus, lasting beyond 5 years for many customers.

As far as quality goes, Magic Bullet does seem to be lacking. Customers reported that containers easily cracked due to flimsiness. It is also more difficult to clean the jars once they become damaged.

The major complaints against Ninja Nutri Pro were its loudness due to the heavy motor. Although it comes with guaranteed seal technology, some customers reported an issue in this regard.

With all this analysis in mind, you choose the right bullet blender for your needs. This comparison covers all the factors and customer reviews you may require to make your choice.