Hot Blistered Shisito Peppers

Hot Blistered Shisito Peppers
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Hot Blistered Shisito Peppers

These peppers are Shisito peppers and if that question’s answer was in Scoville units, this would be a 0 or 1. (Answer: NOT). The Scoville is an organoleptic test that measures the heat or capsaicin content of peppers. (Really, I just wanted to say organoleptic.) Bell peppers would be a 0 and habaneros would be 200,000 SHUs. Jalapenos are a measly 2500-8000.

Shisito peppers are mild but nowhere near the flavor of green or red peppers. Which I will eat but am not particularly fond of because I feel like they overpower any dish you add them to.

I would say that Shisito peppers taste a little bit like Padrons. But, Padrons are actually more fun to eat because you play Russian roulette when you do. About 1 in 10 are hot. And you can’t tell which one just by looking at them. See why its fun? It’s like, mild, mild, mild, mild, POW! I love the suspense.

On any given day, I will take hot peppers over mild. A dish of mixed hot peppers, blistered and dressed simply with olive oil and salt.

I think this is just beautiful to look at and pure pleasure to eat. A simple plate of blistered peppers, dressed in olive oil and salt, finished with a hint of lemon and with crunchy salty almonds as the perfect foil.* Better than Jalapeno poppers.

On a hot summer day, with a cold glass of prosecco….

Hot Blistered Shisito Peppers


  • Tart Crust
  • Shisito peppers (or Padron peppers), washed

  • Olive oil

  • Kosher salt (not fine)

  • Fresh lemon


  • Heat a cast iron pan to very hot, spray thinly with olive oil or high heat oil.
  • Add peppers.
  • Cook until they blister (shake pan from time to time so that they blister all around).
  • Transfer to a plate, toss with a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt and squeee a little bit of lemon.
  • Toss and plate. Best served hot.