Pizza Stuffed French Toast

I promised my kids I would always make either pancakes or French toast every Sunday. But last weekend, I had none of the ingredients for either one. And I hate breaking promises. So I improvised. 

And this was the product. Say it with me. Pizza. Stuffed French Toast.

(Angels singing.)

Needless to say, this can be filed under “Happy Accidents” or “Things that make you a superhero.”

Pizza Stuffed French Toast

Makes 4

8 slices of bread (I prefer day old sourdough but use whatever you have on hand)

1/2 c leftover pasta sauce

4 T cream cheese (tofu or cultured cream cheese)

1 cup chopped greens

4 T sliced olives

1 cup grated cheese (Daiya or raw milk)

salt and pepper

oregano and basil

Safflower oil for the pan

Vegan French Toast

Batter (use this as your standard batter for any kind of French toast!)

1 to 1 1/2 cup nut milk, unsweetened (quantity depends on thickness of your bread)

2-3 T flour (I prefer spelt, millet or even cornmeal for more crunch)

For savory: 

Pinch of salt


1/2 t basil

1/2 t oregano

For sweet:

1 t cinnamon

1 t vanilla 

1. Preheat a cast iron pan (I prefer cast iron over coated nonstick pans)

2. Mix all ingredients for the batter. It will not have the consistency of “batter” but will be quite liquid.

3. To assemble one French toast

    Spread 1 T pasta sauce on each piece of bread.

    On one piece of bread, spread 1 T of cream cheese.

    Sprinkle with salt, pepper, oregano and basil.

    Top with a few leaves of greens and olives

    Top with grated cheese.

    Top with another piece of bread.

    Press as much as you can.

4. Place 1 t of oil on the pan 

5. Holding assembled French toast carefully, dip both sides in the batter, soaking the bread well (but not soggy!) 

6. Place in pan.

7. When the bottom side is golden, turn it over with a spatula (be careful!)

8. Press in with the spatula (like a panini)

9. It will be ready when bottom of bread is browned.

10. Placed in a low oven (200 degrees or as low as your oven goes) while you make the rest.

11. Serve hot. 

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